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Making Homebased Therapy Fun for Parents and their Child - Jane McManus, Physical Therapist - 12/27/2013
This is a wonderful piece of equipment that I have used for a year now in families' homes with children from 0-3 years of age. It is easy to take down and put together and has fit well in apartments and homes. The children I have used this with have low tone, decrease strength, motor planning, low registration and postural insecurity. The children feel comfortable to move and will shift their weight out of sitting and begin to move. They feel safe to move in the Boundex and end up doing their own therapy. Parents have fun with it and their children are very engaged with them. They use it many times throughout the day with them because their child enjoys being in it. I have typically left it in the home for 1-2 months to really have the child take full advantage of the Boundex.

5 product stars
A Fun Tool for the Clinic - Karen Johnson OTR/L - 12/27/2013
I have been using the Baby Boundex in the clinic setting for about a year. The children up to four years old with sensory processing, low tone, vestibular, and motor planning difficulties. Children will "play" harder and longer and engage with parents and therapists more easily giving themselves the input they need to regulate their bodies and emotions.

4 product stars
Feedback - Oliver & Lourdes - 9/15/2013
We just bought the Baby Boundex for our daughter who is 3 years-old. She having a ball with it! The Boundex really encourages her to initiate a roll, free movement, and she gets immediate feedback from every body movement she makes. We would definitely get the Toddler Boundex as soon as it becomes available in 2014. We highly recommend it to children with special needs, especially those with limited movement. Thank you, Oliver & Lourdes

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